Always Communicate To The Therapist

When it comes to a massage, communication is vital. Explaining medical conditions or problem areas prior to a massage is paramount. Massage Therapists take an oath to do no harm and if they are not aware of all health conditions during the intake process, or new conditions or injuries after the initial intake form is filled out, they could accidentally harm or do more damage to a client. Never be afraid to disclose all health information to your therapist they are bound to HIPPA law just like all other health care providers.

When And Why Do You Communicate To The Therapist?

It is important to communicate during a massage. You’re paying for a service. In order to receive what you pay for, you need to let your therapist know if they need to go lighter or deeper. If you are receiving a therapeutic massage, Trigger Point or Tender Point therapy might be used and a therapist should never exceed a pain level of a 6 on a pain scale of 1 to 10. For those that might not be familiar with the pain scale, a 6 should be just below the cusp of too much.


Be proactive. Stop the pain before it starts.

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